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Q: If InstaGone gets on any vegetation, what should I do?
A: No worries. Simply rinse with water to dilute InstaGone.

Q: How long will InstaGone last after mixing with water?
A: InstaGone will remain strong for approximately 6 months.

Q: Where can I store my unused InstaGone packets?
A: Unused packets of InstaGone should be kept in a dry, cool area to ensure longer shelf life (1-1.5 years).

Q: What should I do if my sprayer is clogged?
A: Excessive shaking before sediment is settled may cause particles to move into the "dip tube" and spray nozzle to create clogging. Remember, once you initially mix InstaGone by shaking, you do not need to shake again for the duration of the bottle. If you shake the bottle by accident, just let sediment settle for 5 minutes before using again. If your sprayer still seems clogged, remove sprayer and place dip tube in a half of glass of warm water. Squeeze trigger 7-8 times until sprayer is unclogged. It is good practice to flush the sprayer after daily use. If this still does not unclog sprayer, in emergencies you can temporarily use another trigger sprayer. Make sure the dip tube is 1" from the bottom of the bottle. If needed, use scissors to cut the end. This will stop the sprayer from siphoning the inert material or residual sediment from the bottom of the bottle. You can also call our Customer Service Department for further assistance.

Q: What can you use Insatgone on?
A: • Painted Walls and Ceilings • Tile & Grout • Spray Textured Ceilings (Popcorn style) • Acoustic Ceiling Tiles • Fiberglass or Resin Shower Stalls • Sinks • Toilet Fixtures • Bathroom and Kitchen Caulking • Stone • Brick Fireplaces • Appliances • Refrigerators • Washing Machines • Dishwashers & Rubber Seals • Boats (Hulls, Decking, Bait Wells, Vinyl Seat Cushions and Fiberglass) • Jet Skis • RVs (Olefin-Type Carpet Ceilings, Shower Stalls, Rubber or Fiberglass Roofing, Plastic Fixtures) • Exterior siding (Aluminum, Vinyl, Stucco or Wood) • Outdoor Decks (Pressure Treated Wood and Composite Decking) • Exterior Stucco, Masonry, & Cinder Block • Brick & Decorative Stone • Vinyl Windows and Doors including Caulking • Concrete Patio and Cement Sidewalks • Railroad Ties & Bulkheads • PVC Fencing & Railings • Asphalt & Slate Roofing • Outdoor Patio Furniture • Vinyl-Based Fabric (Outdoor Vinyl Seat Cushions & Olefin Patio Umbrellas) • PVC, Fiberglass, Resin & Metal Furniture • Concrete & Plastic Lawn Ornaments (Birdbaths, Planters, etc.)

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